What People Are Saying About Sagrado Cigars

Just a small sampling of what some people have been sharing with us about the Sagrado Cigar’s experience.

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“John This is the best cigar I’ve smoked this year.” – Best Cigar Reviews

“It smells like a cigar bakery.” – Best Cigar Reviews

“John and his cigar and coffee company are awesome.”Patrick Love

“I Enjoy your cigars. My wife loves your cigars… She says ‘His cigars will always be a staple in our humidor.”Rocky Mountain Cigar Show, Denver, CO, USA

“There’s a hint of cracked pepper on the retro, but it’s subtle – very pleasant. I’m tasting a little sweetness too..”5th Avenue Cigars, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

“I had a chance to try one of John’s cigars with him in Las Vegas and it was quite nice.”Paul, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Very Smooth. Very Smooth.” – Rooster, Birds Hill, Manitoba, Canada

“Very good cigar. I’m used to Cuban cigars. this has a great taste and was really smooth. I highly recommend it if you need that silky smooth cigar in your life.” Stephan, Thomas Hinds, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“They are incredibly smooth smokes, fantastic draw and can be a great hit in the industry we have in Canada.”Stephan, Thomas Hinds, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Regarding Anatoly “It was amazing!” – Karraopoulous, Sisters Of The Leaf Global Movement

“It’s definitely a fun blend and draw is nice and effortless and construction is great so far. – Joey AKA The Vanilla Gorilla about Sauve

“That’s a damn good first (owner’s blend).” Holy shit! – Cigar Lounge Store Owner

“I hope you have enough for when you get your orders at PCA, because it’s an amazing cigar. It really is.” – Attendee PCA Las Vegas Conference

“This cigar is going to move big time in Illinois and Wisconsin.” – Northern Illinois Cigar Lounge Owner

“On Anatoly, very floral, but very different when you start to smoke it. This cigar can immediately become one of my favorites. It’s very unique, unlike other cigars I’ve ever tasted.” – Cigar Lounge Patron

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