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Welcome to Sagrado Cigars
Premium Hand-Rolled Cigars

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Hand-Rolled in the Dominican Republic

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Dry-Aged Fine Tobacco Grown from Cuban Seeds

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Accolades & Awards

Anatoly: Cigar of the Year - as featured by @Larryandtheleaf

Cigar Brand of the Year: Honored by @Zeal.TeamSix

Carismatico: Ranked in the Top 5 Cigars of the Year - Recognized by @Culebra_Cigar_Lounge

"Sagrado" Translated from Spanish is "Sacred"

Sagrado Cigars is a premium cigar brand, crafted with quality and precision, cultivated from the finest tobacco plants. Our cigars are hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, under the supervision of a Cuban master cigar roller, then aged to ensure superior quality and exquisite flavors. Our cigars are designed to be consumed slowly, savored, and shared with those you love.  

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Sagrado Cigars Mission

In August of 2021, founder John Stewart had a vision. Struck by the momentum of our lives, he wondered how we might slow down and relish in the moments that bring us joy.

For John, this became a sacred calling. With a mission to inspire his community towards connection and lasting memories. John began developing a brand whose values would build a framework of social communion. This is how Sagrado Cigars was formed.

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